Hi, I’m Stefano Spagnolo, creator of Salentowinetour and Salentowineshop, welcome!

This site was created to tell you about a part of Puglia, Salento, with a different look and dedicated to the food and wine experiences between wine tours and wine tastings.

Stefano Spagnolo

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Tale of having been “destined by life and passionate about wines”. I studied microbiology, biochemistry, and Molecular Biology at the (CNR) Italian National Research Council, with a focus on fermentative yeast selection. After obtaining a PhD, in 2006, I obtained a graduate for an advanced bioinformatics course at IBM, where I worked with the agronomists of Tormaresca winery in a development project for a DNA-based biological traceability system. This was the project that brought me to Puglia and I have never looked back on this path.

In 2015 I have designed and founded Salentowineshop, e-commerce dedicated to the sale of exclusively Salento’s wines. This project led me to deepen the knowledge not only of wines but of people, winemakers, companies, who are behind the final product. Through my sales and social media communication activities, I support companies and the territory bringing out of Salento the knowledge of our wonderful wines.

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Who accompanies me in this adventure

Sonia Luparelli

sonia luparelli

Architect, lover of the landscape, art and architecture but above all curious of nature! My life took place for 2/3 in Salento and 1/3 in the Marche region both lands I love.

Back in Salento to enjoy the quality of a non-chaotic life and in contact with the nature of the earth and the sea, in a land kissed by the sun for at least 200 days a year. Here, in a dimension that is still humanly sustainable, my two wonderful children grow up.

My natural vocation for the urbanistic and the architecture, made me deepen the knowledge of the territory and the recovery of the existing building heritage. The Salento is full of wonderful historical centres and small houses that still preserve intact the construction features. Masserie and pajare scattered over the territory along the way still little known, tell a story of other times that are worth telling and listening.

In addition to my professional activity, I’m specializing in Social Media Marketing and web communication. I write texts for the web.

Since 2018 I have founded with Stefano Salentowinetour, dedicated to the wine tourism sector in Salento.

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