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Photo: Stefano Spagnolo_Salentowinetour
Photo: Stefano Spagnolo_Salentowinetour

Cantina San Donaci is located in the small town of San Donaci (Brindisi_Puglia). It is the oldest in the Province of Brindisi and one of the oldest wineries in Puglia, it was founded 88 years ago.

Founded in 1933 by the entrepreneurial idea of a group of 12 farmers who founded a cooperative company. The idea is to develop the economy of the territory and its product. Over time the company has grown and today it is home to around 300 grape-conferring members.


The vineyards and the winery

Photo Credit: Cantina San Donaci

Approximately 320 hectares are the vineyards available to the company. A quantity of product delivered that is approximately 50 thousand, 60 thousand quintals of grapes. A quantity that guarantees the variety of the type of soil and microclimate in which the grapes grow. The vineyards are cultivated on limestone-clay terraces. Breeding is the traditional Apulian sapling or espalier.

The grapes planted are those native to Salento: Negroamaro, Primitivo and black Malvasia. In smaller quantities, white Malvasia Bianca and non-native varieties such as Chardonnay, Bombino and Trebbiano are also cultivated.

The agronomists collaborate constantly with the winemakers. With them, every aspect of the cultivation of the vines is chosen: from the choice of the type of vine to be planted according to the characteristics of the land, to the breeding technique, to the pruning and agronomic practices to be adopted to have an excellent blend.

The original structure of the winery has been modernized over time with numerous investments. Today the winery is a modern winery that makes use of the structural and technological improvements necessary for the current wine production. The maceration of the grapes takes place today in automatic steel cap-submersion vats. The fermentation temperature is constantly controlled. Pressing takes place with the use of soft presses.

Wine ageing occurs instead in oak barrels, an element that the winery considers necessary to give the right value to its products. Wood refines the taste of the wines of the San Donaci winery while enhancing its great qualities. The evocative cellar is the heart of the winery itself.


The company produces almost 1 million bottles a year. The grapes from the most important vineyards are vinified separately. This allows to better express the territorial micro-zones and to obtain a better result in terms of the quality of the bottled wine.

The most valuable and representative wines of Cantina San Donaci, are certainly:  ANTICAIA rosè, Salice Salentino DOP and ANTICAIA red wine, Salice Salentino Reserve DOP. Even CONTRADA DEL FALCO Salento red wine IGP, blend of the three indigenous Salento’s varieties: Negroamaro, Primitivo and black Malvasia.

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