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Salento, in Puglia region, is a very large territory and extends to include all of Lecce, part of that of Brindisi and part of that of Taranto.

The wine production in Salento has been strong for several centuries and the different characteristics of each territory, the air of the Ionian or Adriatic sea or the dry one of the hinterland, give the wines completely different characteristics from area to area.

Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia, are the main the territory’s grape varieties.

There are numerous wineries in the Salento area. The largest wineries are those of the consortia, then there are many medium and small.

The history of each winery is a window on the past of Salento, but also a look at the future, given the success of Salento wines in recent decades.

New entrepreneurship in the territory that manifests itself not only through the ever more numerous events dedicated to wine but also by participation in international trade fairs, the growing volumes of Salento wine export.

Entrepreneurship that always remains tied to its roots while making use of new technologies in order to grow and be in step with the times.