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Salento is a Puglia’s sub-region which ideally covers the lower part of the region starting from Taranto with a straight line towards Ceglie Messapica.

Salento overlooks the two Ionian and Adriatic seas and therefore enjoys over 250 km of coastline.

Today well known and in the limelight of many articles on international newspapers precisely for its sea. Lonely Planet, National Geographic, New York Times, Huffington Post and Guardian do not hesitate to publish articles on this wonderful land.

Salento fascinates not only for its sea but also for the small villages, for the strong food and wine traditions, for the convivial and hospitable people. A territory that is still very tied to its history.

A past that has also been able to return to the limelight and become a promoter of the entire territory. As happened for traditional dance and music known today all over the world thanks to the Notte della Taranta.